Questions Are Part Of Recruiting

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a one-day showcase. The new location is now in Pennsylvania.

Its $299 to play in the showcase.

YES!! Every single game will be streamed live completely free. 

YES! Every registered athlete that participates will get adownloadable and fully ediatble cipy of each match they play in at the event, perfect for creating highlight reels. 

This links, schedules, and roster will be sent to every single NCAA DI, II, & III coach. They have the ability to tune in and watch the action live and the post-event library of film will be made accessible to them.

No. All star games often cause event congestion with athletes and parents on-site for several hours longer than necessary. Taking COVID-19 precautions into account, this will allow participants to get in and get out with minimal overlap. Participants traveling from a distance will be able to commute rather than needing to stay in a hotel room.

Each athlete will get three games each. Games will go off every hour on the hour and consist of two 22-minute running halves.

Yes, each game will have a minimum of a play-by play commentator.

Yes, especially in the event of a COVID-19 cancellation (COVID cancelations are 100% refundable). Please see our refund/terms & conditions policy for explicit details: REFUND POLICY HERE

The pandemic is being monitored closely, with safety our top priority. All necessary precaution to ensure a safe environment will be executed. Athletic trainers will be stationed at each field, sanitizer stations assembled, and social distancing guidelines and other similar protocols in place. As all games are being streamed live, we encourage athletes be dropped off and all match viewing be done online. We strongly request that if staying onsite that a maximum of ONE family member per player be present. Games will be scheduled in blocks to minimize time spent in attendance and the amount of personnel present at the same time.